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“You’re like a FOCUS GROUP!” - How I received the best compliment

Sitting down at an informal consult, I sat with a future small business owner who is planning the launch of her company and brand. We were eating sandwiches at Meson in Lake Nona, catching up over some personal life details, which then led to our intended entrepreneurial conversation.

To give you some background, she’s in the medical field and wants to offer her services for private hire on her off days. She was going back and forth between two different word choices in the business name and also two different representations in the logo branding. After reviewing the choices, I gave her some feedback that came from expertise diving over 10 years ago…

Not many of you know this, but one of my degrees is in Neuroscience (surprising for a creator, I know) - therefore, I was able to understand on an interpretive medical level and was able to analyze her brand’s representation for audience connection and understanding. I stated to her the strategic difference that one word choice made between the two options. She looked at me, astounded, and said “You’re like a FOCUS GROUP!” She was surprised by my medically-related knowledge and completely understood how my conclusion was impactful feedback.

It was in that moment that my background and experience felt recognized! (Imagine the feeling of earning a Neuroscience degree to which you fall into a visual art industry with). 

In case you’re wondering how else neuroscience relates to content creation and brand strategy, here’s how:

  • Emotional Connection

  • Memory & Brand Recall

  • Decision Making

  • Impressions

Whether you’re a client of mine or you have your own creative director / content strategist, keep in mind all of the expertise that goes behind the thought process!

Pictured: My honors graduation ceremony with my guide dog in training, Tux.

- Kristina Bozanich - I am a creative director and photographer of the Orlando area. To see more updates, follow on social media or sign up for email subscriptions.


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