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ABOUT kristina

CEO | Creative Director | Photographer | ARTIST

Known for her striking photography and artistic abilities, Kristina Bozanich is the CEO of her own creative media company - Bozanich Photography Collaborative (a coalition of exclusive creatives in Orlando, FL). Besides her affluent abilities in photography and makeup artistry, she has mastered many skills required in business, including efficient operation management, client acquisition, project delegation, and advisement for other companies. As well as this career, she is knowledgeable about wildlife conservation, neuroscience, and primatology which allows her to apply unique ideas to everyday scenarios.

Kristina was born in Maine, but lived most of her life in Reno, Nevada where she earned her two bachelor's degrees (both in sciences) at University of Nevada-Reno. Following the academic pathway of a primatologist, she pursued a master's degree in London, UK from 2015 - 2016. During this time, she studied Japanese macaques in Japan and gained experience in world travel. After earning her master's degree in Primate Biology, Behavior and Conservation, she and her husband returned to the U.S. They lived in Seattle, WA from 2016 - 2019, which is where her photography business began. In 2019, her and her family moved to Orlando, FL where she was able to take creative media as a full-time career.

Her life in the Orlando area has focused on artistic creativity and her collaborative business. The formation of Bozanich Photography Collaborative (BP Collab) and her show, SPECTACLE, has brought enthusiasm for its excitement and charm.  Most recently, her LGBTQIA+ involvement and advocacy brought interest nationally and internationally. She continues to be an advocate for this community and dedicates involvement, efforts, and artistic expression to maintaining a platform for these voices.

She currently resides in St. Cloud, FL with her two children and husband, while managing her creative media company and individual artistic passions.

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