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Simple Tools to Make Your Branding Come to Life | Self Portraits

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

It's too often that I see businesses and individuals who present lackluster branding images, by which I mean there is no movement or personality to attract interest from the viewer. When this happens, the audience scrolls on by and the impression is lost...

Inspired by simple tool use I saw on social media, I decided to take something very ordinary (newspapers) and use them to create a dynamic, moving background. To do so, I picked up a free stack of newspaper at the grocery store and threw them over my head for my own portraits.

On top of this, I wanted to show how you can also use simple furniture to diversify your positioning. I used a simple black stool that always stays our Orlando studio.

Lastly, facial and body expression is everything! By changing the moment from a smile to a laugh modifies the perception from the viewer. And even, showing no facial expression, but dancing mid-step tells more about personality that others can easily read.


Kristina Bozanich (Bozanich Photography)


Orlando Studio

(7067 Narcoossee Rd, Ste B, Loft 3, Orlando FL 32822



Using a STOOL

Personality in PORTRAITS

- Kristina Bozanich - I am your expert portrait photographer of the Orlando area who knows how tot take care of your branding. Also, director of the photoshoot series, SPECTACLE. To see more updates, follow on social media or sign up for email subscriptions.


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