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Lake Nona Wave Hotel's Exclusive Social Shoot Photographer

I was approached and offered to be...

...the exclusive photographer for the Lake Nona Wave Hotel in their "Social Shoot


  • I am the only photographer allowed to capture content on hotel property.

  • Yes, that means I get a security badge.

  • No restrictions on where I shoot and with what equipment.

  • Bookable with full mention on their website.

Take a look to see all that's included!

Facts About the Wave Hotel
  • Exhibits world-class art and offers unique dining experiences.

  • Contains a sculpture garden, mind-body zone & spa, and elevated technology.

  • 216 guest rooms, a 16 one-bedroom suite, and 2 penthouse suites.

  • Stands as a clear statement of art and design in Lake Nona!

I can't wait to see what art I create for their guests!


- Kristina Bozanich - I am your expert portrait photographer of the Orlando area who knows how to take care of your branding. Also, I am the director of the photoshoot series, SPECTACLE. To see more updates, follow on social media or sign up for email subscriptions.


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