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Showcasing the Artist | Matthew Gonzalez

Lake Nona Artist, Matthew Gonzalez,

is an unknown talent and artistic soul in our community! Even from looking online at his Instagram (@machutheartist), I could tell that this guy has something special about him. In promoting this month's Artist Networking Event (8/18 -more info here), I asked if I could capture some photos in his working space. His art has elements of darkness and mystery, but is also fascinatingly beautiful. Using different mediums, Matthew creates various pieces using paint, paper, and even natural items (like sticks).

Visiting his workspace was even more astounding! A mural of ravens in flight around a ghostly tree captures the eye as soon as you walk in. As I studied the wall, Matthew told me it took him a full two weeks to create this fascinating piece of art. Looking close to the ceilings, I see shelves with a foliage canopy, inspired books, and lights to provide enchantment.

For our photoshoot, I asked Matthew to focus on key pieces of work that he would like to highlight. Take a look at the gallery to see Matthew in his own artistic refuge.

If you'd like to know more about Matthew, please do come to our "Bring Your Own Picnic" Artist Networking event on August 18th where he will be our guest speaker.

Kristina Bozanich Hi there! I am the creator of the post that you’ve just seen. To give you some background, I am a photographer located in Saint Cloud, FL and service the Orlando area. I am also a self-taught makeup-artist, blogger, and have a background in primatology & conservation. To get the latest updates on my social media, follow me!


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