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MsLindsey Marie | Model

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Flowers are a Girl's Best Friend

After 2 years, I finally had the chance to do another photoshoot with Ms.Lindsey Marie (@mslenzeymarie) who I had photographed once before, in my Kardiel showcase. When I first met Lindsey, she had become a new resident of the Seattle area looking for opportunities. Now, she is a well established gal! Lindsey frequently models as a hobby and is now nearly complete with her massage therapy program. For this session, Lindsey and I met at the Volunteer Park Conservatory. There were so many great corners of this building to photograph since all flowers were in bloom! Lindsey brought a jacket and change of shoes to give variety to her looks, and we even unclipped her hair at one point. With a pretty background and a beautiful gal, this photoshoot was a walk in the park (pun intended!).

Kristina Bozanich Hi there! I am the creator of the post that you’ve just seen. To give you some background, I am a photographer located in Saint Cloud, FL and service the Orlando area. I am also a self-taught makeup-artist, blogger, and have a background in primatology & conservation. To get the latest updates on my social media, follow me!


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