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Martin Sanks | Fashion & Dudoir

Celebrating Fitness!

Martin (IG: @martanks) and I go back to my first year as a resident of Washington. We first met at a Meetup in Renton and learned that we had a mutual friend who had modeled for me (You have probably seen Duncan Menzies all over my site)! Since meeting each other, Martin has modeled in multiple shoots, DJ weddings for another friend of mine, and celebrated the birth of our son at my baby shower. Just before leaving Seattle, Martin tasked me with a job – celebrating the best shape of his life! Martin explained that he had focused all summer on fitness to perform well in an upcoming competition. He wanted to remember and celebrate how hard he worked for this. What better way to celebrate than to take sexy photos in your new body?! We played with some fashion portraits, but ultimately shared a little bit of a story with these photos. The just of it is, Martin comes home from work… has a drink… and loses some articles of clothing from there! (We threw in some twists of “50 Shades of Grey” inspiration and the “caught in the rain” look later on.)


Kristina Bozanich Hi there! I am the creator of the post that you’ve just seen. To give you some background, I am a photographer located in Saint Cloud, FL and service the Orlando area. I am also a self-taught makeup-artist, blogger, and have a background in primatology & conservation. To get the latest updates on my social media, follow me!


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