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Allie & Monica | Jungle Sisters

Best Friends Just Want to Dress Up and GLAM Up!

Say “Hello!” to these two fabulous girls and first-time models! Allison Paulauskas (who goes by Allie) and Monica Suarez are roommates and best friends. I met Monica through a Facebook group and met Allie through her. I approached both of them to see if they’d like to volunteer to be my first creative session in Orlando. The two were very giggly and excited since they had never done anything like this before!

For the makeup and design of this, I wanted to bring a darker element to Monica (who has smoky eyes) and counter it with the light in Allie (hence the use of gold in her drip crown). Even though I did their looks differently, they still belong together. We named this theme “Jungle Sisters” from the beautiful scenes that we used in the apartment complex. Can you believe, that something like this can produce a gallery so beautiful?

Jungle Sisters Together

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Allie can be found on IG @allisonpaulauskas Monica is on FB @monica.suarez.735 & IG @monicasuarezz

Kristina Bozanich Hi there! I am the creator of the post that you’ve just seen. To give you some background, I am a photographer located in Saint Cloud, FL and service the Orlando area. I am also a self-taught makeup-artist, blogger, and have a background in primatology & conservation. To get the latest updates on my social media, follow me!


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