Best Orlando Model Photography Service (As Never Seen Before)

Are you a model in the Orlando area? Are you searching for a photographer to help build your portfolio? Bozanich Photography is an artist that will help make your portfolio stand out from all of the rest! Owner, Kristina Bozanich, is a published photographer and creative makeup artist for the best Orlando model photography service. With years of experience, Kristina has worked with models internationally and across the United States.

As a model, the photos you present must be high quality, tasteful, and above all – noticed. After all, the whole point of a portfolio is to make you memorable!

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model Rylie Frohock

Sessions For Orlando Model Photography

There are two services that are most popular for the model’s seeking a portfolio session.

  1. Creative Session – where Kristina will transform you into someone bold, daring, and provocative.
  2. In or Out-of-Studio Portrait Session – most models that choose this service aim to display fashion trends and get content to share on social media.
model elaine cohen
creative session for orlando model photography

(Click here for a full explanation of sessions.)


All models that hire Bozanich Photography receive the following attributions:

  • A full feature on the website, including their bio, social media links, and gallery.
  • Promotion of work in groups and social media with credit given.
  • Possible video compilation of sessions posted on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.
  • Images will be used solely for Bozanich Photography marketing. If images are created for a publication, then submission fees may apply.
  • Invitations to Bozanich Photography events.
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photography model 3


What is model photography?

Model photography is a type of photoshoot that involves beauty and fashion photographers who work together with models for a magazine or casting. The models also get a chance for appearing in advertisements and covers as instructed by the photographer. It could also be a paid task for building one's portfolio and collection.

What are the 4 types of photography?

The 4 types of photography are:

  1. Catalog Photography
  2. High Fashion Photography
  3. Street Fashion Photography
  4. Editorial Fashion Photography

How do you get a modeling photographer?

You can find them on social media like Facebook or Instagram. Similarly, you can also ask for recommendations from experienced models around you. Besides, if you need a modeling photographer, hire Kristina Bozanich now.

How much do models make for photoshoots?

The average market rate for models during photoshoots is $250 - $10,000 per day for marketing and advertising agencies. Of course, it may vary from agency to agency depending upon the talent, charisma, style, portfolio, and experience of the performer.

Final Verdict

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model 5 orlando

Here, we use high standard tools and innovative instruments for makeup and photoshoots, so that you don’t have to compromise on quality. Don’t wait any longer to hire Kristina Bozanich now for orlando model photography that will make your photos noticed and remarkable. She can benefit you with quality pictures that can fit into your budget.