Holiday Photos for Helping Paws of Orlando [2020]

Current Fosters for Helping Paws of Orlando

#1 Gertrude (fostered by Lisa)

Lisa is the foster parent of a sweet little kitten named Gertrude (nicknamed Gertie). Gertie has been on a special path from the beginning – born with bilateral tarsal valgus congenital deformity, a condition that causes her legs & feet to develop abnormally. Funding for her medical expenses, Helping Paws of Orlando has her see a vet every week. At these visits, her legs are stretched a bit more each time to elongate them and for new splints are put on. Lisa says that the bills add up quickly and are a big expense for the organization.

Although this little girl has a painful condition, she acts like nothing is “wrong” with her and maintains a sweet personality.

Gertie's x-ray of bilateral tarsal valgus congenital deformity.
Lisa put Gertie into some cheerful socks for the holiday season.

How Can You Help?

Donate to Helping Paws of Orlando to help with Gertie’s medical expenses!

More images below from Gertie’s holiday photoshoot with me. [Keep scrolling for our second foster family feature!]

#2 Kittens Galore (fostered by the Kevin & Christine)

Kevin & Christine are first-time fosters for four kittens through Helping Paws of Orlando! These kittens are a handful – curious and full of energy, they were bounding in and out of the shots during our session. Displaying effortless happiness, Kevin and Christine easily cuddled kittens for photos. Some kittens were definitely more aware of the camera than others!

I am told that these furry friends are going to be adoptable soon! If you’re interested, let the organization know so you can talk to them about it (email: [email protected]).

What’s my role with Helping Paws of Orlando?

When I am able to or am requested, I photograph their kittens to help build their awareness and social media coverage. Helping Paws is my designated charity partner to where I donate some of my skills to help their cause and organization.

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