Kris Scoggin | Model

Some Work & Some Play

Meet extraordinary first-time model Kris Scoggin (IG @kris_Scoggin). He is probably 75% goofball and 25% serious (which as you can imagine can sometimes be a challenge for a photographer). But, many laughs means many opportunities to catch that smile.

Kris acquired a fashionable new suit that he wanted to try for this shoot (and I do say he does look like he could advertise for the designer here). Complementing the outfit with a watch and some Oakley sunglasses, we strutted the sidewalks of my suburban neighborhood. At the end, Kris took a dip in the pool to cool off from the hot boardwalk.

I took my time to edit these photos – I gave them a sunset appearance, even though they were actually taken just after sunrise. I added clarity and sharpened many of Kris’s features, while blurring the unimportant distractions of every image. After all of this work, we were published in VZSN Magazine! Check out his feature here.

Working the Suit

Pool-Time Play