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Yoga to Start the Wedding Day

Travis and I truly love to celebrate, and when it was time to plan our own wedding, we were a bit stumped. How do you plan a huge thing – when you love Every. Single. Thing?  Where do you start? Shoot for the moon? Keep it simple? Turns out – go with the flow. 

In early April we set our location, Winthrop, Washington. We had a patch of ground on a hill – a gifted piece of earth with a humble yurt to build to host our ceremony. We were going to start at the bottom, and with the strength and guidance of our community, build upwards. We invited guests to commute and spend the weekend camping, though the ‘wedding’ was just one day and we wanted to spend as much time with our guests as we could. And it was our own dear Hannah (@Tribe_Life_Events) who held the answer. She and Monica (@strength.of.spirit) conspired together to build a ceremony for everyone- an hour of yoga and a unity ceremony to start our morning off in movement, community, togetherness and joy. Oh, and love. As a team, they led our wedding guests in a session of yoga and meditation that kept the focus on what we had gathered for, uniting in marriage, connecting our hearts, and giving support. As the wind began, the day’s chore of churning the overhead clouds, we all reached toward the sky and knelt to the earth together. Monica brought bodily energy in movement and Hannah focused our thoughts and hearts in a string ceremony (a group sits in a circle, each person holds a ball of string and offers words of love to the couple, then passes the ball to another creating a web across the circle)  – simple in execution and concrete in the memory imprinted. Travis and I sat in the breezy sunshine and basked in the kind words poured over our hearts. When we closed with a giant hug (a huge theme of the entire weekend), I had a thought. “We did it. We found a way to de-stress weddings!”

String web of sharing love and support from family and friends.

What a way to begin an inherently busy day -

Taking time to specifically appreciate the presence of one another, pausing to allow the day to stretch on, knowing that whatever ‘goes wrong’ doesn’t matter, because we’d already identified what mattered: Each other. Family. Community. Sunshine. Wind. The tasks of the day – flowers, table arrangements, food preparation – yes those were going to happen, and yes, there was a ticking clock. But we set that clock, and could turn it off. We had nothing to prove to anyone, we were going to be ok.  If something went wrong, who cared? The mood was set (and the desserts already forgotten back at the bakery… oops!). And the bride? Well, she had one more task- put on her most beautiful dress, have her makeup touched up, wear the prettiest flower crown you’ve ever seen, and walk down the dusty aisle into her future.

- Crystal Nelson

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