Isaac Castillo | Local Musician

The Many Faces (and Shirts) of Local Musician, Isaac Castillo

Back in October of 2017, I attended Braided Rivers’ 10th Anniversary event. At this celebration was a local musician, named Isaac Castillo, who played the guitar for everyone while we celebrated Braided Rivers’ publications and promotion of wildlife conservation. Isaac’s guitar playing was light and wonderful, setting the tone as bubbly and high-spirited. I was easily impressed!

I approached Isaac about creating music for my videos on YouTube. He was willing to collaborate and so we did! You may have seen my video, “Taking Flight Over Seattle”, and if you haven’t, click here to listen to Isaac’s compilation. Isaac plays so many instruments that it is hard to believe that this collection is actually much larger. He uses many of these in creating his music, which you can listen to on BandCamp.

To repay Isaac and to support his music, I offered to take photos of him so that he could use them to promote his sound. We fit as many instruments as we could into the session to show the magnitude of Isaac’s talent! Isaac is having his very first album release on Sunday, April 22nd at 8 pm. Friends, family, and fans are welcome to come! If you would like to hear him and others play, come support them at Studio Current (1100 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122).

I will be there to support Isaac and to show everyone his awesome photos!