Video Blog 7 – Paris, France

Video Transcript

Our Christmas Vacation in Paris

Kristina: (laughs) Woohoo! Your face! You’re trying so hard!

Cody: Oops! Some people! It’s stopping.

Kristina: No, it’s not stopping! Faster! Faster!

Kristina: We’re at Galeries Lafayette and we waited over an hour to see the sunset with the Eiffel Tower. It looks kind of far in the video but it’s much closer in person. We plan to go eat in the Eiffel Tower tomorrow, so I’m very excited. You wanna tell us what we’re doing? We’re putting our lock on with all the other locks. (laughs) You can’t get it on there? There’s ours!

Kristina: Guess where we are? C’est tres belle!

December 29, 2015. 5:30am.

Kristina: Why are we here?

Cody: (grunts)

Kristina: The fire alarm went off at 5:30 a.m. this morning so everyone is standing outside the hotel in their pajamas in Paris. And the breakfast guy wants to deliver his food but can’t.

The fire alarm went off two more times that morning…

Did you see that dirty look?

Thank you for watching.