Video Blog 15 – Isle of Skye | Scotland

Video Transcript

Kristina: So we have just arrived in Edinburgh and we’re in our hostel that were staying at. This is our first hostel experience and we have bunk beds. This is Cody’s bunk bed called Talisker?…I think that’s how you say it, and then mine is Laphroaig, and that’s my bed and this is the room. So we’re at Castle Rock Hostel and right behind us is this huge castle. We just checked in. We’re gonna get all of our stuff to go out into the city before we go on our tour tomorrow, and hopefully we’ll enjoy some good Scottish food although I’m a little apprehensive about…what was it? With the liver…what’s it called? Well, there’s like liver and blood and that sort of thing so I’m gonna stay away from that.

NOTE: These are popular Scottish dishes known as Haggis and Blood Pudding.

Kristina: But I’m gonna have, like, goats cheese, and there’s lots of cashmere being sold on the streets and people playing bagpipes and people with owls, and there’s a huge festival going on that we didn’t know was going on, so this is gonna be fun and exciting.

The Streets of Edinburgh…

At the Whiskey Experience…

At Culloden…

Kristina: Where are we? Culloden? The battle where the Scottish and the British fought for the Scottish Independence in 1746. All of this is wide open.

At Cuillin Hills…

Kristina: So people are putting their face in the water for eternal beauty and to slow the process of aging.

At Brother’s Point…

Kristina: So we are hiking to Brother’s Point for a picnic and some exercise. There’s lots of sheep everywhere, so cute!

Sign: Dear friend, the cliffs ahead are very steep. If you decide to walk further, you do so at your own risk. Please be very careful.

Kristina: We made it! So we are on the second day of our tour, which is the second to last day, and Scotland is beautiful. My husband’s ruining everything down there (laughs), but this country is just gorgeous and we got really good weather. It’s too bad that it rains all the time because look how great it is in the sunlight.

Hiking Quiraing Mountains…

Kristina: So we’re in the middle of nowhere, hiking, and Cody gets a phone call. I haven’t had service for the past, like, 6 hours. It’s ridiculous! And he took the call! This is supposed to be quality time. Tsk, tsk.

Turns out…our tour guide called Cody to give us directions.

Cody was forgiven.

Kristina: So hopefully we’ll be back again someday after this tour-

Cody: Nope.

Kristina: (laughs) No, he loves it. He just doesn’t want to admit it on camera.

Thank you, Scotland! And thanks for watching!