Video Blog 12 – Inuyama Castle, Japan

Video Transcript

Kristina: We’re at Inuyama Castle, which is behind me, and this is the main attraction for Inuyama, which we are now living in for three months.

Cody: Dip it.

Kristina: Ok.

Cody: And pour a little in each hand.

Kristina: Into my hands?

Cody: Yeah.

Kristina: How am I…I’m supposed to switch into the other hand?

Cody: (laughs) Yes.

Kristina: (laughs) I’m probably doing this wrong. And then what? You just sprinkle, sprinkle?

Cody: I guess.

Kristina: That’s cold!


Kristina: So this is where lovers put their wooden heart up on the wall for, I think, good luck?

Cody: Hope to find love.

Kristina: Or where they hope to find love. Not entirely sure, but we know it means love so we made one and we’ll find it later because we put it in a box and I think they put it up for you.

Kristina: This is the view from the bottom of the castle. Alright, so before we enter, we have to take our shoes off and carry them with us as we tour the castle. (to attendant) Konichiwa!
My socks! It’s too bad everything’s in Japanese. I don’t know any historical relevance to this place quite yet.

Kristina: Here are all the other castles of Japan.

Cody: Why don’t you say them all?

Kristina: I don’t know how to say them all. Uwajima Castle. Matsuyama Castle. Kochi Castle. Marugame Castle. Bitchu Matsuyama Castle. Matsue Castle. Himeji Castle. Inuyama Castle. Hikone Castle. Matsumoto Castle. Maruoka Castle. Hirosaki Castle.

Cody; Oh, no! Low ceiling! Oh God! Oh, I am way too tall to be in here. Alright, people, this is some crazy movement. Last floor. Oh! I am the tallest one here. Nope, nevermind! Hello! Konnichiwa.

Kristina: It’s nice out here. Nice and sunny. You can see Nagoya right there, right? Those skyscrapers right there are Nagoya. Even the floor on the outside is clean.

Cody: Proof. Final thoughts?

Kristina: It’s pretty, it’s tall, it’s old, and it’s very clean, as everything is in Japan.

Cody: So how’d you like Inuyama Castle?

Kristina: Um, not the most impressive castle, since we’ve been to England, but pretty impressive for here. So that’s the end of this video blog at Inuyama Castle and hopefully soon we’ll show you how we’ve been living in our apartment just downtown Inuyama.

Thank you for watching.