Limited Space? No Problem.

Video Transcript

Hello! It has been a long time since I have done a video. I am Kristina of Bozanich Photography and today I am just going to show you really quickly how you can still create amazing photo in limited and maybe temporary space.

We moved from Seattle to Orlando this year. We also had a baby this year, so that is why I have been less productive than before. But, I am doing my first creative session here with two models and I am doing it in my apartment which is a temporary situation. And, I’ve got my backdrop setup here in the “goffcave” – called that because it is a gym / office / mancave. So this is my backdrop, but this is how the room actually looks.

So, my husband’s man-child toys, my desk has moved, got my cheap backdrop here, equipment everywhere, and then, gym equipment as well. So even though this does not look like a studio, hopefully you’ll see from the images that sometimes it doesn’t matter where just as long as the space works and that it functions for you.

MONICA: It’s like prom. It’s like we’re going to a fancy prom. Hair fix? Yes.