Amazon Postholiday Party 2018 – LIVE

Video Transcript

Kristina: “With my friends, first time here, and I’m at CenturyLink Field. What. What. Lookit, that guy just caught the ball. It’s an insane party. Lorde is gonna be here, there’s free drinks, so I’m happy, and they’ve got, what? The Price is Right. They’ve got a dance floor, they’ve got free food.”

Disco? Yeah.

Kristina: “Break it down. We’re gonna break it down. Yeah, yeah, he’s a dancer. Beau’s over there freezing his ass off, and I’m waiting for Cody over there to do a field goal kick which he’s probably going to fail just like the Seahawks did. I am a fan, sshhhh. But stay tuned, maybe I’ll post some more. We’ll find out.”

Thank you for watching!