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We R Sweet Treats and More | Photographing Maria Leiva

"I have always enjoyed crafting and baking as a way to express my creativity. It has also helped me cope with stress as it truly brings happiness to my heart." - Maria Leiva, The Orlando Voyager

Needing photos for her article premiere, Maria asked me if I could accomplish two goals in one session: 1) professional headshots and 2) branding images to showcase her delicious and beautiful cookie business. Marketing her business color scheme, she brought sample cookies with a popping orange and blue logo. I was quickly impressed with the detail and precision that these cookies had!

Throughout the session, we played with various ideas to showcase the “cookie lady” behind the cookie business. I wanted to show some playfulness and so it took a few good bites to get an appealing eating-of-the-cookie photo. Then, we catered to a more serious side to show the hard work that goes into building an industry like this.

If you would like to see her article feature in the Orlando Voyager, you can visit it here.

You will learn more about Maria's beginning and lessons learned in the cookie business! To order some of her cookies yourself, contact her at


Kristina Bozanich Hi there! I am the creator of the post that you’ve just seen. To give you some background, I am a glamour photographer located in Saint Cloud, FL and service the Orlando area. I am also a self-taught makeup-artist. To get the latest updates on my social media, follow me!


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