SunTrust Plaza Rental Space by E-Spaces | Commercial Real Estate Photography

If you're going to rent an office, it may as well be with a view!

Hired by E-Spaces, I was asked to photograph their shiny, brand new floor of the SunTrust Plaza in downtown Orlando. This beautiful space overlooks some key features of the district and has remarkable views. The floor is equipped with numerous amenities for businesses when they rent a workspace.

In photographing the variety of office spaces, furniture, and sunlit rooms, I wanted to make sure that I captured the beauty of the building. It is clear that the architect and planners did some serious thinking about how this floor would look and make you feel! In the full gallery, you can see how different angles highlight the aesthetic and functionality of this office space.

Directly below is how the company used my images to promote their new location on their website.
From the E-Spaces website.

Plaza Gallery