Behind the Scenes | Boudoir

Video Transcript

Kristina: “Hi, I’m Kristina Bozanich from Bozanich Photography. I am the primary photographer in a business that my husband and I share and we have a new in-home studio that we are very excited about. I’m going to show you exactly where the studio is.
So this is our living room, and we have some creative furniture here. We have an entire sleeper couch from Ikea that pulls out into a bed which I will be shooting a boudoir on later today. I’ve got custom-made backdrops, and these guys actually break down into three different panels so I can shoot newborns, I can do corners, I can do an eight by eight foot wall, and these guys are great because I put different fabrics over them to create different colors, so I’m really excited to shoot today. I’ve got all sorts of different things to shoot with including fur pillows, blankets, and some furniture as well, so I have a model coming here today and I can’t wait to show you what we will bring.”

Ok, this is part two of introducing my studio. This is my office. This is where I do all of my editing and obviously express myself with my wildlife and conservation passion, but also, here is my makeup vanity desk. So this has everything I need: eyeshadows, false lashes, foundation, everything, and it conveniently packs down and hides away. Let me show you. Just move a few things here, pull this mirror off – this is also from Ikea, but it’s discontinued – and voila! No mess. So I’m really excited about this vanity desk. It brings a lot and you can hide everything when you don’t want it to be shown.”