Orlando Interior Photography – For Architectural and Interior Design [2020]

Searching out for the best Orlando interior photography service? Look nowhere else, you’ve arrived at the perfect spot. Well, there’s no doubt that Bozanich is one of the industry’s top experts when it comes to photography. Also, Kristina is a recommended photographer by architectural and real-estate business owners for capturing interior designs.

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Are you an interior designer, home blogger, or homeowner who is advertising your home? For those who need to show their talent in home design or advertise a location, quality interior photography is a must. Your design or property is your business or one of your greatest assets. The better the photos, the more visitors that will be attracted to your page or listing.

Orlando Interior Photography Service

If you are struggling or just want to hire a professional, Bozanich Photography can help you! The business began with photography in Seattle for furniture, real estate, and also interior design. Now located in Saint Cloud, we are available for interior photography bookings and will provide a custom rate for you.

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Tips for Interior Photography

1. Lighting
For interior photography, especially in real estate, make sure you turn all of the lights on! Maybe you don’t notice, but even in daylight photos, you’ll see that professionals turn on the lights in the home. This is not because they may necessarily need extra lighting, but because it gives a gleaming aesthetic. Also, if there are important light fixtures, you’ve now brought some attention to it. (On my first real estate photography shoot, I took photos of a few rooms without lights on. Then, I realized the mistake and had to start over!)
orlando interior photography glass on top of table
internal view of interior photography
2. Location & Angle

For interior design, make sure everything is in its place prior to taking the photos. Is everything dusted and clean? Are all decorations facing the way they should? Does anything need to be opened or closed? If you spot check the room before shooting, chances are you’ll have fewer angles or redos to take.

Make sure you have a wide-angle lens to capture small spaces. Wide-angle lenses usually range as big as 35 mm to smaller mm depending on the lens and brand. GoPros have wide-angle lenses typically called a “fish-eye” lens. Be careful, however! If your lens is extremely wide, it will distort the corners of your image. There will likely be some distortion with your wide-angle lens, which you can fix in a post-processing program later.

orlando interior photography sample 2



3. Camera Basics & Equipments
Bring a tripod. This tip really should go without saying… To reduce the vibration or shaking of the camera, a tripod is necessary for stabilization. Less movement means clearer and better photos!

Check your aperture and ISO settings. The worst thing you can do is take interior photos for a client that looks good on your small camera screen but are actually very grainy once blown up on a larger screen. To get crisp and bright photos, make sure you are using an ISO setting that doesn’t underdo it.

Other camera basics: full battery, extra charged battery, SD card, and backup SD card. Always prep your gear the night before! You may forget when you last charged your camera battery, or that you filled your SD card with another shoot. In case you have a dead battery on location or a full SD card, having a spare will be a lifesaver.

Bring a wireless location light. To brighten up a room and to offset artificial lighting, a portable light can make a difference! Make sure you practice with it before using it for a paid gig. (There are many different modes, flash sequences, and channels that you can set depending on the light and brand.) Another warning though! Your light’s reflection may show up in unwanted places (mirror reflections, bright spots on appliances, etc.). Placing your light strategically takes some professional experience and practice.

window view taken from inside of house


Lastly, always edit your photos after taking them with your camera. Capturing the images is only half the work! The other half is editing them to fit the right style, mood, and quality to attract viewers. Adobe programs offer a range of programs to achieve this.

I use Lightroom myself because it is more budget-friendly, but you can use Photoshop to do more detailed editing. Otherwise, there are many other software programs that can do basic brightening and sharpening that you will need for your photos.



What we need to know:

  • How large is the home in square ft?
  • The number of rooms for taking photographs.
  • How many photos are you requesting?
  • Your expected time for delivering photos.
  • If you are a designer, do you need models to be placed in the setting?

Our aim is to provide you the best Orlando interior photography service so that you can sell or market with your homes and structures. We capture astonishing photos and bring life into your pictures that attract more customers.

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