Top Orlando Holiday Photography Service in 2020 [Affordable]

Welcome to the top Orlando holiday photography service. When was the last time you send out a holiday photo of the family?
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Bozanich Photography is your local Orlando holiday photographer. For family holiday portraits, Bozanich Photography offers flexible packages and a la carte offers for their sessions.

Orlando Holiday Photography (Details)

Family Moments - Sample of Orlando Holiday Photography with Kristina Bozanich | 2020 Portfolio
Our sample video of holiday photographs.

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Why hire a holiday photographer?

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When the holidays come, it is time to update the family photos, send out the holiday cards, and show everyone how much the kids have grown! Camera phones have become better and better in technology and editing apps have grown. So, why should you hire a holiday photographer?

Reason #1: Professional photographers see things you can’t. At the moment, technologically with their equipment, and artistically with how they edit their photos. When you hire a professional photographer, you certainly should admire their talent and style! Therefore, hiring one with great work means to hire their artistic style for yourself. Get to cherish in an incredibly personal way. In capturing your family’s portrait, you trust them to create something memorable and timeless!

Reason #2: If you have children, you know how hard it can be to photograph them. Whether you have little ones or older kids that like to run around, it is difficult to hold their attention yourself and take the pictures yourself. It is less stressful to have someone else do this job. The process becomes more efficient for you and other family members. Trust us, the longer it takes to get the right photo yourself, take after take, the more irritable everyone becomes. (so we recommend just hiring the professional…).

Reason #3: Professional photographers have resources that you probably don’t have. Much of their equipment which includes a high-quality camera, strobe & flash lighting, and lens filters, which are more than what your average phone can do (even though they are advanced these days). And this is just to capture the photo! Also, think about the backdrop, the props for staging, and maybe other features that make the image say “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Hanukkah,” or just simply “Happy New Year.”

Reason #4: Local support. If you hire a photographer that is self-employed and is part of the community, you are also providing support for a small business. Especially with how our nation has changed over the last year. This kind of action means a lot for such fellow members of your community or neighborhood!

Where: Indoor or Outdoor?

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For family portraits of more than two people, it is fine if that the session takes place at a scenic location or in an air-conditioned building (this is Florida after all). Bozanich Photography is mobile so they can come to you or at a set location. If you follow them on Facebook, they may announce mini-session opportunities for a good deal!

The rate for a 1-hour session which includes all edited digitals:

  • Is $300 for up to five individuals.
  • For groups greater than five people, the rate is $350.

To view the full session rates and details, view them here.

When: Prints or Digitals?

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For the holiday that you are celebrating, a photoshoot that occurs at least one month prior to the holiday at the very latest is the best. After your photoshoot, it generally takes Bozanich Photography two weeks to complete the post-processing of your images, especially if there is retouching necessary. For every one-hour photoshoot, they spend anywhere between 4 – 6 hours of pure editing to maximize the style and art of your photos. Additionally, all of these photos are personally uploaded to your own client gallery.

After you receive your photos, you will likely want to get them to print via mail to the family. If you are printing holiday cards, getting the photos done even earlier than one month prior may be necessary. When you order prints, it can take 5 – 7 business days for orders to be received by mail if they are processing them normally. Otherwise, the holiday rush will likely delay this timeframe! (And then you must consider the timeframe of mailing out the prints to your friends and family!)

Otherwise, if you are sharing these photos digitally, then maybe it is only necessary for you to have the shoot done a few weeks prior to the holiday. However, this can be cutting things a bit close!