Orlando Freelance Photographer: Best Studio in 2020 By Kristina Bozanich

Are you looking for the best Orlando freelance photographer with a free consultation? Bozanich Photography is a freelance photography company owned and operated by Kristina Bozanich and co-owned with her husband, Cody Bozanich.

In the simplest terms, Bozanich Photography is its own boss. The owner, Kristina Bozanich, is absolutely unlimited in service types and needs by her clients. She has photographed weddings, real estate, fine art, and even product photography for companies.

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Although Kristina is most often hired and published for her editorial and modern fashion appeal, she is also dedicated to the needs of her clients. By having experience in a plethora of photography topics, she can be hired for many freelance requests.

Orlando Freelance Photographer

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If you are searching for a freelance photographer, here is a simple list of what service you may be requesting:

HeadshotsProfessional Branding
PropertyNews Release
Events& more


Depending on your freelance request, your contract and license will differ. There are two types of licenses that photographers release to their clients. They are the following:

  • Personal License – The photographer has the title and ownership of the photos taken, but the client is given usage rights for personal utilization. This means that the client can share, print, and display copies of the photos on social media, in their home, etc. The client is not allowed to collect or charge money for their photos to another buyer (i.e., Getty Images) and cannot be used in advertising. The photos cannot be resold, relicensed, or sub-licensed since the rights remain with the photographer.
  • Commercial License – The photographer has released a perpetual, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to the client for advertising, promotion, commercial display, magazines, books, broadcasts, and other forms of publication. The client cannot resell, relicense, or redistribute without permission from the photographer.
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In creating a contract with your a freelance photographer, you will have to specify the following:

  • Where and when will the photoshoot take place?
  • How will the images from the photoshoot be used?
  • When will the job need to be finished?
  • What will be the finished product – printed or digitally presented?
  • What is your budget for a freelance photographer?

Free Consultation & Rates

For your project, a consultation is welcomed and free with Bozanich Photography. If your request requires a personal license, the rates for those services are available at this link. Sessions that relinquish a personal license include weddings, family portraits, boudoir, and professional headshots.

However, if you are seeking to hire Bozanich Photography for a project requiring a commercial license, you will need to contact them directly to discuss rates. They can be reached at  [email protected]  or by calling  (321) 805-6828 . Commercial licenses do cost more than a personal license since the photographer is relinquishing usage rights. The nature of your project will determine the price per print, or image. Therefore, it is highly suggested that you explain how you will use the images.

Answers from Kristina – Professional Photographer

What does it mean to be a freelance photographer?

A freelance photographer can provide photos as a self-employed individual, or on a contract basis for different clients. A freelance photographer does not work for a company but they have their own platforms to bring customers.

How do I start as a Freelance Photographer?

To start your career, decide your type of photography first, whether is it portrait, wedding, commercial, stock, or product photography. Then you need to invest and purchase the came and all other necessary equipment. If necessary then do some research and discover how you can make this work legal in your city and get registered. In addition to that, create your own online portfolio and promote it to get more clients.

How much can you make as a freelance photographer?

The amount that you earn will solely depend upon your education, experience, skills, and certifications. The minimum average hourly rate for a freelance photographer in the United States is $31.66. This amount may rise upon the need of clients and various other factors.

How do I become a freelance photographer with no experience?

To become a self-employed photographer without experience, you have to find a mentor and keep learning. Then you can build your portfolio, create a business module, and get legally registered.

Final Verdict

In your search for an Orlando freelance photographer, we hope that this page has been useful for you. Don’t hesitate to discuss your project with Bozanich Photography today so they can bring your ideas into stunning visuals!