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Kristina Bozanich is a fabulous and phenomenal photographer for elopement weddings in Florida.

Welcome to Orlando elopement photography for capturing wedding ceremony events. Bozanich Photography is one of the market’s best agencies when it comes to portraits and is recommended by artists and models. Just like our other services in photography, we are here to help you make your wedding more than only a court marriage.

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Orlando Elopement Photography

Bozanich Photography is a highly recommended Orlando elopement photographer for this occasion. Known for her upbeat, friendly, and flexible personality, the owner Kristina Bozanich is a true professional in the field. Kristina has stylistically photographed married couples, along with many guests, at a moment’s short notice and with months of planning.

For elopements that require some hustle, she does not fear to get sand in her shoes or to get in the rain. Literally, guys, she has climbed mountains in Japan, cliffs in Dover, and trekked some questionable trails (so she can definitely handle it!).

How to Plan Your Elopement in Orlando, FL

Couples that choose elopement over a large wedding are deciding to do something different from the norm. This decision is often based on the urge to do something adventurous, exciting, and often spontaneous. However, many of these couples may feel lost in where to look for an elopement photographer and who to pick.

When deciding to flee, there are three things that couples need to decide:

  1. When should the elopement take place?
  2. Where should we elope?
  3. How do we want this captured and remembered?

The first two parts should be easier decisions based on your interests and dynamics as a couple. Now, some couples choose to make a simple town hall arrangement, while others seek something bold (like climbing to the top of a mountain). Whichever you choose, the next item on the list is finding the right person or company to preserve the momentous event.

For equipment, Kristina is a pro in packing multiple cameras, lenses, backup SD cards, and batteries for the occasion. She has experience bringing such gear around the world and knows what conditions will be best to photograph in. And hey, if the conditions are not right either, she knows how to capture this too artistically. In rain or shine, she is an excellent photographer that unveils the raw emotion happening between the couple. By using modern post-processing techniques, she’ll capture your elopement in a way you would never forget!

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Booking Details

If you’d like to book Bozanich Photography, here is how you can initiate the consultation or request:

  • First, complete a Booking Request. In this form, provide all details or questions you may have for when you speak!
  • Second, have an idea for your elopement plans to discuss at your consultation. Let her know where and when it will be happening. How will you elope? She is based in Saint Cloud, FL – will you need to talk about travel fees?
  • Third, at the consultation, determine if she is the right photographer for you. When first meeting someone, you often know quite quickly if you’ll get along well with this person. Does she make planning less stressful? Do you admire her style of photography so much that you can trust her? Ask yourself these questions in deciding whether she is the right Orlando elopement photographer you are looking for.

In the finalization, Bozanich Photography, Orlando, Florida will offer you so many ways to celebrate your photos. Here is a summary of the items and services you can select:

  • Online gallery to share with family and friends
  • Gallery viewing in their private home
  • Full resolution digital downloads
  • Slideshow of best images captured.
  • Memory book printed in hardcover.
  • Photographic prints made by a professional lab that is color-calibrated
  • Canvas Prints
  • Metal prints
  • And many other keepsakes.

If you have an idea of whether you are ready to hire a photographer for your elopement, don’t hesitate to submit the Booking Request for the consultation, or you can call Bozanich Photography directly at (321) 805-6828.


What is an elopement ceremony?

An elopement ceremony used to mean that a couple ran away from their family and friends to be married. However, in today’s terms, it is more merely getting casually married in a tiny group (if guests do attend). The ceremony may be a small legal procession or a private arrangement at a destination.

Where is the best place to elope?

Photographers that capture elopements are most often hired for elopements planned in a beautiful scene, which are often hard to get to, rural, or just isolated. In the United States, certain states have such beautiful landscapes that couples seek. From Arizona’s deserts to Maine’s coastal beauty, there are too many places to decide. Ultimately, the decision on where will come down to you and your partner. Do you have a place that means something special to you? Is there a location that you have always wanted to visit? Are you seeking an adventure in the mountains, in a valley, or maybe even in a cityscape?

Why do people elope?

People elope for two common reasons:

1) Reduction of Stress: In eloping, you don’t have to worry about how many people you are going to cater to, who will be the DJ, how everyone will get to your venue, or what the bridesmaids will wear. Other things that you can say goodbye to is family drama and overplanning. By eliminating the most stressful events of the wedding, the ceremony is really about the love between you two!

2) Financial Budget: The second common reason is regarding a couple’s budget. Many couples choose not to spend or do not have the money to put towards a wedding. The average cost of a wedding in the United States is $34,000. Whereas, the average price of an elopement can be $5,000 to $15,000. In choosing a smaller budget, couples can live financially within their means but also are still able to celebrate this milestone in their lives. And for couples who do have the money, but choose not to spend it on a wedding, they put that money towards other things - ex: a down payment on a house, student loans, or savings.

How much does an elopement photographer cost?

The answer to this question profoundly depends on what level of photographer that you hire and what your budget is.

If you are searching for a low budget photographer and are willing to take the risk of quality, then you could help someone start their portfolio. Portfolio work is often free, bartered, or heavily discounted from the pros. When you hire someone new though, you are warned that they may not know how to work their gear properly and may not have an editing style fine-tuned to your liking. The experience is experimental for both groups.

If you are hiring a professional elopement photographer, the cost may be as low as $2,000 or as high as $8,000. The rate will depend on the photographer’s standard pricing and travel costs. When you book a professional photographer for this occasion, you have seen much of their work, and they are experienced in this field. They will have definitely done an elopement ceremony before and will be able to help guide you in the process.