You think you know a guy… and then he chews your carpet.

Cody and I have been raising Tux since March to become a Guide Dog for the Blind.  Tux has always been very well behaved, learns quickly, and listens to commands.

We have always joked that “He’s perfect” and “He has never done anything wrong”… until now.

Tux (297)After handling the house alone on the first story, we had decided to remove the baby gate over a month ago.  It wasn’t until today that after I came home from lunch with my mom that I discovered Tux’s deceit. Tux greeted me at the door, and as usual, I did a paranoid inspection of the downstairs – all clear.  Heading upstairs, I witness bountiful pieces of foam and carpet trailing the top stairs. The betrayal stung like a hundred arrows – Tux, why would you conduct such treachery to pierce the heart of the parents who have loved and fed you?

The answer to this question is most likely his age. He’s been losing teeth constantly and is slowly going through an awkward, lanky teenager phase.  I hypothesize that as Tux is becoming an intact male and adolescent teenager, he cannot fight his instinctual urge to disappoint his parents.

Don’t worry – the carpet estimators are already coming over this weekend.