Video Blog 20 – Olympic National Park | WA, USA

Video Transcript

April 8th, 2017. Saturday.

Kristina: It is April 8th, Saturday, and Janelle and I are doing a girls weekend. Woooh! We’re going to Cape Flattery in Washington, and I’m gonna go get her.

*knock knock* (dog barks)

(Man opens door)

K: You’re not Janelle.


K: Janelle, you ready?

Janelle: Yes

K: Girls weekend! She’s got a suitcase and everything.

(scene change)

K: Stop for lunch! You can wave…? We’re at Sequim Beach State Park, just for a lunch spot, and look at this nice little view.

K: This is Crescent Lake and it’s snowing at the very top of the mountains.

K: We are at Rialto Beach, and look at this!

K: Oooh, muddy! Almost lost a shoe.

K: We made it to Third Beach and there’s a waterfall right here. Right here! We’re gonna go to it.

K: Alright, we got our sunset pictures. We saw a dead otter, sad face, and now it’s time to go because it’s about to get dark.

April 7th, 2017. Sunday.

Kristina: Alright, it’s our last day here and we’ve driven up to Cape Flattery, and now we’re on the Cape Flattery Trail, and hopefully it’s a big reveal because this is all we see right now: forest.

K: Alright, this is our conclusion for the weekend warriors. We went to Cape Flattery and then we tried to go to Shi Shi Beach and realized that it was gonna take too much time so we went to Waatch Beach, and this is it. And now we have to go back to the adult life of having jobs, so bye!