Tux Update: Part 5 Guide Dog OFFICIAL

Congratulations to Tux and Julie!

October 29, 2016

Finally, after over a year of being apart, we were able to reunite with Tux on his graduation day. On that Saturday morning, Cody and I traveled with Vicki, and her sister Colleen, to San Rafael at 5 am. We arrived to the Guide Dogs for t173740-1013339378he Blind campus at 11 am. We got there early enough to get a tour of the campus and early enough to develop some more excitement and anxiety. Guide Dogs for the Blind invited all puppy raisers to privately greet the puppies raised and their partners before the graduation ceremony. So, after waiting in the meeting area, we were escorted to Tux and Julie. Tux became excited immediately after recognizing us. We spent quite some time petting and hugging, while we introduced ourselves to Julie. Tux is Julie’s third Guide Dog and they are a great match!

The graduation ceremony was sentimental to everyone there – puppy raisers, graduating partners, friends, and family. In total, eight puppies and partners graduated on October 29, 2016.  Everyone was given a turn to come up to the platform, to speak about the Guide Dog, and thank everyone involved in the process. When it was our turn to present Tux to Julie, Julie recited the following poem that she wrote:

This weather really sux
Yes written word rhymes with tux
This new guide dog has found a home
Wither wander
Shall we roam?
This nice dog is super sweet
So happy, unable to stay on all four feet
Dressed to the nines
In his coat of gold,
How gentlemanly cute
You have not been told!
His coat is soft
Labrador thick
His tail spirals up
In a neat little trick
His attentive eyes
Back and forth zip
Following kibble
He won’t miss a bit
The tips of his ears
a soft sandy brown
Would take any lady
To the ground
A power walker
Eager to please
Every dog owner
Envies one of these
Smiling eyes
From ear to ear
A lolling tongue
To spread more cheer
So distinguished
In his gear
Will we plodding race
From year to year
Take a gamble from Nevada
As all the horses
Will surround ya
Gleefully prancing
Like a horse
He takes me fearlessly
[/one_half]On my course
He is guide dog
Numbered three
Yes he is distracted
By that tree
The windy weather
And construction
His guide work
Has no corruption!
Bouncing gait
Through the door,
Sees every texture
On the floor
Yes, we found it
Endless praise
I’ll eat your kibble
For endless days!
Endless workout sits and stays
To quell your urges
And no good ways
Nylabones and doggie massage
He will watch
Me practice dressage
Golden yellow
Devastatingly handsome
What is the guide dog
Sum of Rand some?
A streak of gold
As he runs by
With a crazed look
In his eye
Up and down he bounds and leaps
Until that toy I tossed
He meets
Waging tail
To and froe
I give to you
Our dog and pony show

Reunion Footage

We left Tux in August of 2015 to leave for London... and after over a year, Tux has graduated as a Guide Dog for the Blind! We are so thankful that we were given the opportunity to reunite with Tux and meet his partner, Julie. I am so excited to share Tux's reaction and the bond between him and everyone there. Photos coming soon!

Posted by Kristina Bozanich on Sunday, October 30, 2016