Opinion Article | The #BlackLivesMatter Movement: “But We Must Still Choose Love”

In all honesty, I've been depressed - trying to process all that I have been seeing, hearing, and feeling. I've been trying to find the words, the right words to say, but somehow can't find them.

Being mostly Caucasian, I clearly am one of the “uninformed white people” who has not had to live and experience the racism that our Black brothers and sisters have had to live with. I acknowledge that I have lived a privileged life where I didn’t have to fear how my skin color may alter how others perceive me. But growing up differently, does not excuse me from seeing the inequality and voicing that there is injustice in our country. Watching the video of George Floyd and hearing about Breonna Taylor’s death truly made me cry in pain, sadness, and anger.

Any of you who know me well, know that I’ve never been religious (spiritual is how I usually describe myself). It was this morning, that I heard a man of God say words that I agreed with – regardless of religion or spiritual beliefs – and I hope many can feel these words too.

He said “But we must still choose love”.

We all have a right to voice ourselves, protest for basic human rights, and stand up for our beliefs. I support the #BlackLivesMatter movement and wish to see a future where its activism is no longer needed. Furthermore, I do not support those who are choosing violence as an answer and who are participating without purpose wanting to just create chaos. My heart and support goes to those fighting against the injustices with the safety of others in mind, those that fight civilly, and united as a community. This is why I have donated to the NAACP (www.naacp.org) to help fuel the fight.

I am still going through a whirlpool of emotions and feelings especially since my past hometowns (Reno & Seattle) have been vandalized and lit on fire, and now my new home in Orlando is also seeing the same events. I see my other brothers and sisters trying to protect our cities because they have dedicated a life to serve and protect, who also have families at home who love them. This conversation could go on in so many ways, but I hope that if you have a few more minutes of your day, you can read Bishop Curry’s article which teaches us how love can still be the answer.

Written by Yours Truly,

For The Washington Post article written by Bishop Curry, click here.