Senior Portraits from 2011 UNVEILED

The Time Capsule has been OPENED

I had a very big surprise come my way yesterday! I had my senior portraits for high school taken nearly 10 YEARS AGO. Last night, the photographer who took my photos contacted me and let me know that they are going through their archives. They offered to send me all digitals from the shoot for a small price. Knowing the value in preserving images and memories like this, I OPTED IN!
When opening up the vault to peer back in time, I fell in love with these images again for SO many reasons.
#1: I cherish them in general remembering this time in my life and having these done to celebrate my graduation from high school.
#2: It shows just how things change over time (myself included).
#3: It allows me to compare to the styles and techniques of photography today because this world is constantly changing!
I can’t thank LSN Studios enough for giving me this opportunity to preserve and keep these photos. I hope you enjoy this flashback in time! (I bet you didn’t know just how cool I was in high school.)
Yours truly,