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This Week's News

I decided that long hair was too much… and chopped it all off! My co-worker, Ricky, owns a salon (HannWakefield). I asked him to make a big change and he did. He cut my hair into a long bob and lightened the color. Still trying to get used it but, I love it!

On Wednesday, Cody and I went to the London Dungeon.  It was an interesting experience mixed with rides, theatrics, and thrill.  The London Dungeon was not only made to entertain, but also to give an account of all the horrors that London is famous for.  On our way home, Cody and I captured this photo in front of the Elizabeth Tower.

On Thursday, I came home to a package from Mom and Dad. It was filled with 13 BOXES of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (Three Cheese Pasta Shells), 30 molasses chips made by See’s Candy, and a birthday card! I was so excited for this nostalgic food that Cody and I cooked up two boxes that night. We are planning to eat another two for Thanksgiving… (haha). So thank you Mom and Dad! (As an aside, a regular box of Kraft macaroni and cheese costs about $5 here in London; family size is about $7).

On Thursday and Friday, our Mres group analyzed gorilla hormones for our upcoming write-up assignment.  It took many hours of pipetting and washing and rewashing plates to finally be able to read our results.  Needless to say, lab work is not meant for me…

(Photo Credit: Stuart Semple @SemplePrimate)

Just last night we heard the shocking news about the shootings and bombings in Paris.  Not much is known, but I am trying to stay updated.  Here is the latest update that I have seen on BBC News. Cody and I have a trip planned to Paris for Christmas – I am sure that we will be safe and we’ll be sure to keep in touch during that time.