Interview with King 5 About Government Shutdown

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Interview with King 5 About Government Shutdown

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Reporter 1: The 35-day shutdown has been particularly hard on a Burien couple.

Reporter 2: Tonight, the spouse of a federal worker tells King 5’s Natalie Swaby how her community came through during some difficult days.

Natalie: With Seatac airport this close, passing planes are constantly catching Kristina’s eye.

Kristina: Alaska

Natalie: Her big window also offers a view of what’s been a daily dilemma.

Kristina: For people like us, we don’t want to ask for help. We try to get through it.

Natalie: Kristina, a photographer, also works a second job and soon will be taking on a new role.

Kristina: Yes, I am very pregnant!

Natalie: She and her husband are expecting their first child.They just bought their first home and it’s the first time they’ve felt the impact of a government shutdown.

Kristina: My husband got the federal government job recently within the last six months. And so, he’s on a probationary period where he can’t miss work.

Natalie: He’s a TSA employee who’s been going to work every morning at 2:30, putting in long hours without pay.

Kristina: I know the backpay is coming and I know we’ll get it so that’s a great comfort, but it’s frustrating to be on the other end because I manage the finances. And, that’s a whole other stress that we have to deal with.

Natalie: She says news that the government will reopen for at least three weeks brings little relief.

Kristina: Because there’s really no comfort in it reopening for three weeks knowing that it could just be shut down and have the same thing happen.

Natalie: With bills due and a baby on the way –

Kristina: Yup, this is Skyler’s room.

Natalie: -they turned to family for some financial help and have filled up at food banks. What they didn’t expect was how the community came through. It started with Kristina’s friend.

Kristina: She could see that it was still a struggle and without tell us, she had kept it anonymous.

Natalie: That friend spread the word about a couple in need and complete strangers stepped in.

Kristina: Everyone reached out with gift cards, and baby clothes, and last night, this very sweet lady came and dropped us pizza.

Natalie: She didn’t count on the kindness.

Kristina: The love from strangers where people didn’t even know us – it was unbelievable.

Natalie: She says it was a good surprise that arrived just in time for her growing family. In Burien, Natalie Swaby, King 5 News.