Final Goodbyes and Mixed Emotions

We said final goodbyes to our friends at Bully’s on August 29 (Saturday) night. Cody and I were so happy to see some faces that we hadn’t seen in a while and to be able to have the chance to give some parting words.  I, unfortunately, couldn’t quite keep it together near the end of the night.  Thank you to all who came and for the going away gifts!

Last Night in the United States

We spent our last two nights at my sister, Kasey’s, house. Like the American dream, we had our last Pizza Hut meal… YUM. Our family friend’s the Gundersen’s came over and said farewell.

Farewell Tux and Birdies

It was very difficult to say bye to Tux on Sunday, but we remind ourselves that he is destined to help someone else in his life… and if that doesn’t work out, we want him back! My friend, Karen, is taking care of our birdies. I am hoping that they’ll adjust soon, but I know that they are stressed out by their new surroundings.