Alien Princess Makeup Tutorial (IN UNDER 3 MINUTES!)

Video Transcript

Hi! Thanks for tuning in to my “Alien Princess Makeup Tutorial”. I am transformational makeup artist and photographer in Seattle. I use Mehron body paint and face paint to create this look. I use mostly white and blue. And, I mix these two together on my chest, and on my neck and face. With the Urban Decay NYC palette, I use the blue shadows to contour my collarbone, the rest of my chest, neck, and face. I mainly use my fingers because I find it much easier than brushes when you have really thick body paint on. And, as you can see, I am using different shades of blue to blend together to make it more natural if you will… if an “alien princess” was natural. And, I cover my lips with this. You don’t really have to worry about this because I cover it up later. I put purple on my eyebrows. As you can see by the circle dots that I put into my design, I place these strategically on my collarbone and up my neck. And I also apply this purple around the base of my chin to add dimension and contouring. As you can see, there is a lot of blending! Here, so I use a purple color as the base and I then also put Urban Decay special effects product over it to give it some shine. And then I do my eye makeup, which is a lot of purple and some turquoise colors. And so, I also put powder on my lips to also give even more shine which a lot of people do. And here, I put on a lot of eyeliner because I am going to make my eyes super big. And then, I blend more shadows around that eyeliner as well. And then I also, after I blend this in, I add some white eyeliner to kind of make it like my eyes are even bigger (when it is finalized). So here is a second set of lashes that I put on the bottom and I already have some on the top. So it’ll really give a dramatic look! And then I sharpen this up with my eyebrow [brush] and blend more white in where I think I need it brightened. And then, I have my body jewels, that I am getting ready here. I use false lash glue to apply these. As you can see, they stick quite well. So I create my crown, accents, and I put them on the circle dots. Blend some more and voila! I am all done!

2 hours of makeup, in three minutes. If you like what you see, please subscribe to my channel or at least give me a thumbs up. And, check out my website!

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