Gold & Silver Foil Wedding Invitations | Featuring Marisa & Joe

When planning a wedding,

there is a lot on the to-do list. First things first, pick a date. Next, find a venue. After that, send out the invitations so that everyone keeps your day open in advance. But an invitation is not only to deliver the information, it is also to set the aesthetic theme of your wedding. Popular color themes change every season, but to stay classic, gold and silver will always be a timeless choice.

To embody a classic wedding’s design,

wedding invites should be eye-catching and beautiful. After all, not only will they be on a guest’s fridge for many months, but the photographer will likely use them for the wedding album too. Some invitation companies only offer grey and golden ink tones in their prints; however, I found someone that does a stellar job of gold and silver in their foil invitations. Basic Invite ( not only provides more than enough invitation sets to choose from, but there are nearly 300 choices specifically with foil to pick.

Since there are SO many options, designing samples was difficult but accomplished by a couple that volunteered for feedback on this project! I searched for two people who had become recently engaged and were undergoing the process of planning a wedding from the very beginning. Through a mutual friend, I luckily found Marisa and Joe who have just become engaged (Yes, let’s all please congratulate them!). To get to know these two, I asked them about their love story – how it began and its future.

Marisa and Joe first met in the workplace (Joe was hired as a chef at the restaurant Marisa managed). Marisa noted how this “forbidden love” didn’t prevent them from dating in secret (but don’t worry, Joe now works somewhere else). They’ve now been together for four years and took a recent vacation to Jamaica. It was here, in the water, that Joe proposed to Marisa (atta lad!). Now, it is time to prepare for the future – yes, we hear wedding bells and distantly after, maybe a baby cooing too?

More from Marisa & Joe's photoshoot at the bottom of this article!

Your Guide to Silver & Gold Wedding Invitations

1. Find a Company to Create What You Need:

There are many invitation companies out there and it is difficult to decide between them all if you don’t know what you are looking for. To start, Basic Invite ( is a great site to use if you are looking for a simple way to choose among the many options AND get a free wedding website with it. Not only do you get customizable previews, but you can receive free samples with an entire manual to ordering!

2. Choosing a Silver & Gold Foil Design to Bring the Sparkle You Want!


Size of the invitation

Shape (i.e. square, long and narrow, and rounded corners)

Font (i.e. script like, clear and distinct, or stylized towards your venue’s style)

Personalization (adding a photo worth making a main feature)

Accents & Patterns (i.e. flowers, framing, and graphic patterns)

Background (light and airy, or colorfilled and bold?)

Marisa & Joe's Picks


with a photo of how they became engaged


with dazzling gold lettering


with elegant design


with a thick gold theme

3. The Big Bonus: FREE Unique Wedding Website

Having a website for your wedding can be important in sharing your story, wedding information, and registry. When you purchase your invitations through Basic Invite, you also are given a free website URL that is mobile friendly and customizable. (And if you didn’t have enough to choose from, the company provides 180 colors to choose from to design your site.) This step is a bit too early for Marissa and Jo, but they did get excited when learning about this free feature!

Countless website designs and options to explore at

More on MARISA & JOE

Celebrating the Upcoming Wedding

Welcome to my first session shot in Orlando, FL! I am a long way from Seattle, but one thing has not changed… the rain! Newly engaged couple, Marisa and Joe, were troopers during this mini-session when the weather wasn’t so nice to us from the start. (But, when you’re in love, is it that hard to kiss and dance in the rain really?)… click to READ MORE.


More things to consider when browsing on Basic Invite:
Almost Unlimited Colors
Free Address Collection Service
Over 900 Wedding Invitation Sets
Over 40 Envelope Colors
Seal & Send Wedding Invitations (seal and send wedding invitations are an all-in-one wedding invitation with a tear-off RSVP postcard included)

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