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Orlando Photography Meetup – Amateur & Pro Artists [2021]


Kristina Bozanich is one of the most talented and best photographers in Florida. If you are looking for orlando photography meetup & workshop to learn more about lighting, and camera, you’ve landed at the right place. After years of experience, we bring you the best workshop and meetups that will help you improve and gain extraordinary skills.

See, there are so many experts here and you can connect with any of them. Whether you are looking for conversation with industry pros, reviews, and relevant topics, Orlando photography meetup & workshop by Bozanich Photography will guide you at every step.

Orlando Photography Meetup

Kristina Bozanich uses her skills and experience to guide attendees on subjects from makeup to camera secrets, lighting, and stories to capture your scene well. Bozanich Photography operates in Saint Cloud, FL but also hosts workshops in the general Orlando, FL area.

Just bring your camera equipment and attend any Bozanich Photography meetup or workshop events.  For questions about these events, you are more than welcome to email, call, or text! Ask our experts anything about the exposure, angles, distance, camera settings, and every myth about photography – there are lots of tricks to learn.  Mentorship programs are available based on availability and requests.

Don’t miss this ultimate opportunity to learn from the top photographer in this industry.

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