About My Collaborators

The Foundation

Cody Bozanich

Co-Founder; Photographer

Cody is in the background of the business – helping with marketing strategies, business advice, logistics, and giving second opinions on post-processing edits. Cody’s wildlife and landscape photography is available for purchase in the online shop!

My Team

Not all jobs can be accomplished by one person! Here are the spectacular people who are part of making a photo session or project come together.

Shayna Kennedy

Hair Stylist

Megan Hansen

Prop Master & Designer

Etsy Page “Luminous Sisters

Joshua Stocker

Past Intern

Collaborating Partners

These local businesses share a vision with me! We often come together to inspire and produce unique photoshoots.

Creators & Sellers of Mid-Century Modern Furniture


Daniel Keane

Salon Owner & Professional Hair Stylist