Let Me Reintroduce Myself | Self Portraits

Feeling Oh So Glamorous

If you’re new to my website and my art, here’s a short synopsis of my history!

Prior to becoming a full-time photographer, I was a student in wildlife and conservation. In graduate school, I specialized in studying primates and got to travel the world with the love of my life.

When we came back to the U.S., we settled down in Seattle, Washington for a few years. There, I worked part-time in my business of photography and makeup artistry.

We relocated to Saint Cloud, FL (just outside of Orlando) with our son, Skyler. Now, I have an in-home studio where I conduct much of my work! The projects that fascinate me most are ones that truly embolden the Bozanich Photography tagline, “Where Glamour Meets Artistry”.

These self-portraits are long overdue – I hope you feel the glam that oozes out of them!