Self-Portrait Workshop in the Park – Dec. 27, 2020

Self-Portrait Workshop in the Park

December 27, 2020 at 11 AM EST – 12 PM EST
WELCOME to Bozanich Photography’s 1ST Self-Portrait Workshop! For a one-hour session, I will teach you how to use your camera to capture your OWN portraits. This workshop is aimed for professionals looking to take their own photos and other artists (including photographers!). Over the years, I have learned how to do my own posing and self-portraiture using the basics and working up to more advanced techniques. I will show you some of my tricks and give you valuable tips to creating a fantastic photo. At this workshop, you will be allowed to use my gear if you do not have your own as we go through the lesson. However, if you wish to keep your own images taken, bring your own SD card!
SUGGESTED TO BRING: camera, a good portrait lens is a must (up to 70 mm recommended), full battery, SD card, any changeable lenses, tripod, remote optional, lens sun covers and filters
TICKETS: The workshop fee is $20 per person. Workshop is LIMITED TO 5 PEOPLE.
BONUS TICKET: I will provide constructive feedback in writing, or a 15 minute Zoom or phone call session to go over three images of yours post-workshop for an additional $20. In this session, I can guide you advice in Lightroom on how to better edit your images and what other posing aspects could have improved them.
PRIOR TO EVENT: To cover my own babysitter costs & some of my time, please pay the workshop $20 fee by the following link (INCLUDE YOUR NAME in notes!)
MEETING AT THE PARK: There is a great water area past the kid’s playground where we will do the portraits. Park at the playground and walk over to meet me!
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