Cultivating Creativity in LIFE | Article

Cultivating Creativity in …


Kicking off a new blog series is our first topic – LIFE. Because truly, this is where it all starts! Whether you are a professional artist, hobbyist, or something far, far, from artistic, creativity is something that drives a lot of us. The amount of which creativity is present in our core differs from person to person, but hopefully this intuitive and spiritual introduction will drive some new thoughts and decisions.

If you’re are suffering from the mundane, here is a guide to, well, not feeling so mundane.

1. Find Inspiration – Who do you idolize? What are your interests? And, how can you spice it up? Whether it is someone who you believe in, or things you see on social media, all it takes is a spark. Then think, how can you apply this to what materials or skills you have on hand.

2. Remember the Spark – How do you plan to refresh your memory? I suggest taking a screenshot and saving it to a specific folder. Or, if you are more so a writer, put it down in your journal or write it on sticky note where you won’t forget it. Its presence will remind you that there is something that drove you to put it there.

3. Dedicate Time – Life is busy even during a pandemic. Find some time between work and Netflix that is dedicated to productive creativity. If the project in mind takes a lot of time, set multiple appointments with yourself, and STICK TO IT. When things more important come up, just remind yourself that this is something important to you that needs to get done at an appropriate time.

4. Share, Save, or Just Relish – Whatever form of art you have chosen, it deserves to be given a stage or at least appreciated for the time that you put in. If you are an extrovert, publically showing it to others may not be difficult for you. If you are an introvert, at least consider the idea and if not, try other forms to preserve the project you have completed. Hang it on a wall? Save on your computer? Or, give it to someone who means a lot to you.

5. Remember the Feeling – Finally, you’ve done all this creative and productive work for something right? The purpose of all of this was for you. Did it alleviate some stress? Change the direction of your daily thoughts? Perhaps, inspire you for more? Reflect on these questions and consider how creativity may have helped you.

I hope this guide brought something new to you, or resurfaced an old thought. If you know someone who may need this, send it along! You never know what it can inspire and what art will be given life itself.
A few things from my personal & creative life. The newest addition to my family (Brolin), makeup brushes, a photo of my son with his great uncle (his namesake), and the lens cap to my favorite camera.