Marisa & Joe | Engaged in Rain

Celebrating the Upcoming Wedding

Welcome to my first session shot in Orlando, FL! I am a long way from Seattle, but one thing has not changed… the rain! Newly engaged couple, Marisa and Joe, were troopers during this mini-session when the weather wasn’t so nice to us from the start. (But, when you’re in love, is it that hard to kiss and dance in the rain really?)

Here’s a little background about these two and their love story!

Marisa hired Joe to be a chef at the restaurant that she worked at. Their “forbidden love” secretly blossomed but remained hidden for many months. As the years went by, Joe worked elsewhere so they no longer had to keep their relationship a secret. In more recent news, Marisa and Joe went to Jamaica where Joe proposed to her! (She said yes, if you didn’t see where this was going.)

When asked more about each other, this is what they said:

ME: ” What characteristics made you fall in love with each other?”

MARISA: “Joe is so honest and giving. He finds so much joy and excitement in every little thing. He makes every day an adventure. He’s also the hardest working person I’ve ever met and is extremely giving. We honestly have so little in common when it comes to our interests yet we work. Everything I love he dislikes. He is amazing at pool and plays for league, yet I can count how many times I played. I love soccer and he finds it boring. But we always cheer each other on.”

JOE: “Marisa is strong willed and does exactly what she wants when she wants it. Nothing and no one can stop her. She is so impatient she will do hard tasks alone just because she really can’t wait. She is motivated at work and takes charge and does it elegantly. She makes everyone smile. She is genuine.”

ME: “What is something that drives you crazy about the other, but you put up with them regardless?”

MARISA: “What drives me insane is that he takes longer than me to get ready. I do my hair and makeup and will be waiting outside in the car for him. He changes at least 15 times.”

JOE: “Believe it or not, what drives me the most crazy about her is her inability to not put her hair curler or straightener away or that she hates doing dishes. She will do anything to not wash a dish.”

Shot at Lake Lotus Park, Orlando, FL