Makenna Love | Golden Goddess

Making a Model... A GODDESS

Say hellooooo to my model, Makenna Love (IG: @MakennaLove_Modeling). This gorgeous, young lady volunteered for my project that we ended up titling, “Golden Goddess” (for obvious reasons!). In creating this look, Makenna had to sit for a few hours while I placed massive amounts of glitter, body glue, and adorned her face with pearls. We knew this look had come together when there was enough glitz that would put almost Beyoncé to shame. When the final touches were done, we were excited to begin shooting!

Mother, Angela, was a great help in every little thing that I needed (especially since I am nearly full-term in my pregnancy now). She even helped capture some behind the scenes moments (video coming soon!). Altogether, we accomplished SO many great photos that I had to share the best with everyone!

Check out the featured earrings in this shoot by Luminous Sisters! Hand made by my prop master, Megan Hansen.