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keep one of my wedding photos on my desk, tilted sliiiightly outward for all to see, and to freaking admire. Not to brag – scratch that, YES, to brag, my wedding photos are freaking dope! After the ceremony as we danced off the platform and Kristina swept us off to take photos – YES! Drinks in hand, we joyously tramped through the brush to get at that sunset. Kristina has this wonderful way of giving instruction while allowing moments to play out. Travis and I were giggly and wiggly, and she had to tame us into tilting our eyes and chins, move our arms slightly here and there – she saw what we couldn’t. She saw the wind-whipped clouds above us. She saw the golden sunshine hit our cheeks and skin just so. She saw our dog running around behind us! And got him in the shot! Yes, we were excited, and yes, we were hungry! The wedding rumors are true. Pro-tip: snack all day, brush teeth before ceremony.

What I love most about the photos, besides them looking like a photo spread in a magazine, is that we look like US. We are lost in each other, we can’t get enough of each other. We couldn’t have cared less about the wind or dust, Kristina relieved us of that burden. She even corralled our hungry wedding party into a dazzlingly energetic group shot.

Weddings aren’t for the faint of heart, and ours was no exception. We faced obstacles. It was tiring, and it was work. It went by So. Very. Fast. Kristina, that amazing woman, captured all the love, light and pure joy we needed that day.

And she did it pregnant! This is what strong, determined, brilliant woman do – they make dream comes true and they create life.  

When I look at my photos, I see my husband and I passing pure magic between us. The love was created by us – captured by Kristina, and I’ll always thank her for that. 

- Crystal Nelson

Crystal & Travis's Wedding Feature

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Bride & Groom Portraits