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A Ceremony to Remember

I wasn’t nervous before the ceremony, my secret is out. I could have skipped down that aisle! Our ceremony was at the end of a long path from the yurt to a platform, and the wind and sun had been battering everything all day. Yet, once I was cued by Ben Howard’s “Old Pine” to begin my walk, after my nephews, after my mothers, arm in arm with my fathers, the wind suddenly hushed. The wind did not stop, but gently quieted in way that ushered me toward Travis. My dad kissed my cheek, shook Travis’s hand and then it was the two of us. No, three. Our doggo, Bowie, plopped himself at our feet and promptly snoozed.

Our friend Matt performed (the hell out of) our ceremony, taking careful note to respect the two missing presences that day, and the gates were open. I gave my speech and Travis his. (I’m happy to share this, as mushy as it is: Travis and I re-read our vows to each other a few days later as we drove back over Highway 2. I highly recommend this, as it was intimate and beautiful to hear the words again in privacy.) I look back at Kristina’s photos and I see my hand clutching my heart often. Maybe I thought it would burst? Kristina captured our faces, our family and friends’ captivated expressions, our dog… And she got it- the shot. The shot I didn’t know I needed until I saw it – my groom’s weepy, welty, crying eyes. Yes!! Now THAT’S a keeper! Save on phone as “Wallpaper”. (No, I won’t post that here. That’s personal my friends!)


- Crystal Nelson

Crystal & Travis's Wedding Feature

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The Ceremony