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I Consider myself...

an average, basic lady, my visions of being a ‘bride’ aren’t too far from the norm. Dress? Pretty! Hair? Pretty! Makeup? Pretty, please! While I don’t believe I’d fall into the ‘Bridezilla’ category, I did have certain dreams and expectations of what my wedding day would look like.

  I wanted the dress – check. Good food – check. Friends and family – check and check! But I too, like any excited planner, wanted everything to run smoothly. Enter Kristina! Like a guardian angel, in our talks of her taking our wedding photos, I also quickly enlisted her to do my make-up. She knew exactly what needed to be done, friends.

The first thing I learned, as a complete novice, was how little I knew: all the tiny details that needed addressing, and how many different make-up looks could be accomplished. At her suggestion, I created a Pinterest board and shared it with her. She then even met up with me to go make-up shopping together (and I suppose it is no longer a spoiler, but that is when she told me she was pregnant!!).  After trying on lipsticks and getting the correct foundation, stocking up on lashes, playing with blushes, and generally touching everything in the store, I felt so relieved. She just got me!

Next was a trial run, which honestly is SO FUN, it was like playing dress up. For me, it was important to look like myself. I wanted to look natural… but enhanced? Kristina, knowing that lighting and foundation longevity, cameras and aperture, and other words that might make me sound like I know what I’m saying – those things count. On my wedding day, I left the last details of set-up to my more than capable friends. Kristina, myself, my best friend and much Prosecco were off the the bridal suite.


Kristina has a way of taking her time and getting goals accomplished that works well for my loosey-goosey attitude. We laughed and giggled while she transformed me into a goddess. I did my own hair. Well, the wind did most of it, but that was later. I recall being so excited to show myself off for my man. Riding up the hill to the yurt, I learned that “Bridal Tent Plan A” had not gone to plan, and my dear friends had moved on to “Bridal Tent Plan B” – a straight up camping tent.

For us, it couldn’t have been more perfect. I stood in front of the mirror and my team of witches zipped me up, placed a crown of flowers on my head and stood in breathless admiration of my own reflection. I looked good, y’all. In came my man and the world slipped away. We made it! I didn’t even notice Kristina floating by, camera in hand. Maybe she offered a few directions as she swept around us to capture our beaming faces. Seeing the photos now, my heart quickens in pace. She captured the feeling of that moment- surprise, wonder, excitement, the way we felt both like anxious children and ancient lovers at once.

- Crystal Nelson

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Getting Ready

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