Ana Garcia | Model

Closing the 2018 Year with
Ana at Kardiel

With the momentous year of 2018 coming to the end, I felt a great urge to do a stylistic photoshoot before 2019 came! On short notice, Ana Garcia (IG: @anabananaswag; Facebook @anabananaswag), was willing to come to Kardiel and model for me. Ana brought two great wardrobe options – a red and brownish / gold dress (both of which were tight-fitting with flare!).

In the Kardiel showroom, we played with different pieces of furniture and I experimented with one of my new battery-operated strobe lights. Unlike the fashion collaboration I did here before, I decided to make these photos much more stylistic, and in some cases, moody!

During our shoot, Ana and I bonded over her recent move to Washington and her advice for my upcoming delivery. Shockingly, her due date was the same day as mine currently is! We had lots to talk about – from babies, to husbands, modeling, and even the gloomy weather outside. Overall, we had some fun creating these images and I got a little bit of a workout moving the furniture!

Special thanks to our host for letting us use the space! Check out their furniture here: