Umaru Haruna | The Silver Spartan

Creating a Superhero

I wanted to do something that displayed power and courage, but in a galactic, superhero way! I collaborated with my husband, Cody, on the design since he is an avid comic book reader. I was inspired by DC’s Blue Beetle for the facial patterns and straight lines. Using Mehron’s metallic paints and tape, I created what we came to call “The Silver Spartan“. My model, Umaru Haruna (IG: @visionsofumaru), was fantastic for this role. Having the physique and the militaristic training, he posed in warrior-ike stances and showed some ferocity to the camera! Hair stylist, Daniel Keane, added to my design by bleaching Umaru’s hair so that we could create an otherworldly look.

Model: Umaru Haruna
Makeup & Photography: Kristina Bozanich of Bozanich Photography
Hair Color: Daniel Keane of Serenza Salon
Design Consultant: Cody Bozanich