Duncan Clark Menzies | Studio Portraits

Duncan Clark Menzies - The Man in the Sweater

He said, “I need more photos where I am smiling!” Well, I think we definitely accomplished that! 

Model/actor/singer, Duncan Clark Menzies (IG: @dcmenzies) is a local of Seattle who I’ve become quite close friends with. After first meeting in the summer of 2017, our relationship continued when we found that we had a mutual friend (who I randomly met at a MeetUp!). Ever since, Duncan has been a huge help in our yard’s landscaping, and we have enjoyed some pizza and movie nights together.

We agreed upon a spontaneous trade one day for some studio photos and the compilation of a showreel for his acting portfolio. As you can tell, Duncan easily makes anything photogenic. I believe that a lot of his radiant personality shows through in these photos, along with the enigmatic man beneath the sweater.

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