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Video Blog 1 – Enrichment at Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary

Video Transcript

Kristina: Hello, everyone! I am producing my first video blog in London, and right now I am at Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary with the MRes group from Roehampton, and today we are building a sanctuary space for some Macaques and I will show you some of the people that are involved, hopefully, and we will see our out-product later.

Becki: (watching Macaques being lured by food) It’s almost mean.

Kristina: Alright, hello! So I’m here with Mark who’s with “The Shape of Enrichment”. Mark, what is your most favorite part about working with The Shape of Enrichment?

Mark: I get to travel all over the world, and seeing the animals reactions when we, when we’re doing stuff with them really, even though we’ve done it for years and years, it never gets old. When you see an animal using an enrichment I designed, it gives you a real buzz.

Kristina: Ok, and what is daily life experience like working for this kind of career?

Mark: Uh, there is no day that is the same. Everything’s different. Some days I’m at home in the office, sometimes I’m here doing stuff like we’ve just done today, um, yeah. It’s just whatever happens, happens, basically.

Kristina: Alright, thank you very much!

Mandi: So what did you think of the day?

Jonathan: It was perfect! I had a great day! Everything I like. I was outdoors, power tools, working in nature, building, and primates.

Mandi: That sounds amazing! Check mark, day completed.

Jonathan: Indeed. Stay cool – stay cool, blog.

Kristina: Don’t do drugs!

Special thanks to Mark and Jonathan for the interviews and Julia for contributing to photos.