Video Blog 3 – Tour to Bath, England

Video Transcript

Bus ride in the countryside.

Tour Guide: Ok, so we’re gonna go through the a range of hills now, these are very attractive hills. These are called the Mendip Hills. And actually, Bath nestles in the Mendip Hills. Bath is built around seven of those hills. That’s interesting because Rome was built on seven hills; Bath was built on seven hills as well.

Kristina: Alright, hello! This is my third video blog. I am in Bath, England, and we have gone to Stonehenge, and now we’re in Bath. So this is what it looks like! Beautiful autumn colors! And I’m here with family. There’s the hubby and the cousin. Grandma, Christian, Pat, and Jon. This is our beautiful view. Megan, would you like to say anything to my family back home?

Megan: Um, I like to blog as well. I won’t judge you for that. And also, hi!

Kristina: Bye!

Tour in Bath, England

Kristina: What was your favorite part about the trip?

Cody: (no response)

Kristina: He’s bein’ a jerk. Honey, what was your favorite part?

Cody: (actively ignoring her)

Kristina: He’s about to get yelled at by his wife. Yeah, that’s right. The look of terror, right there.

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Thank you for watching.